Photo Op — About Us
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About Us

PHOTO OP is ...

Our goal is simple: to find, curate and deliver works by leading contemporary photographers to collectors like you who are inspired by great art and artists. 

Photo Op emerged after co-founding a photo gallery in NYC. After months of curating shows, there were two things became evident: 
1) There was more great work out there than there was time or wall space to show it.  
2) A gallery doesn't necessarily need a physical space.  
Photo Op is a wall that is outside of the gallery. It is a venue that allows contemporary artists to get their art out there without the restrictions & limitations of a conventional exhibit space.  

How It Works

We feature leading contemporary photographers by actively seeking out artists to participate and become a featured artist on the site. A portion of sales from the featured art on the site goes back into Photo Op and the rest goes to the artist.
Photo Op is an open forum and we welcome all feedback on the site, functionality and requested features.  We value your opinion and it will always be taken under consideration.  
We look forward to finding art that inspires you!

Jamie Lund

Founder, Photo Op