Photo Op — Stephanie Prussin - Transmission Reception (3:07pm – 5:07pm) - Photo Op
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Transmission/Reception (3:07pm – 5:07pm)

Stephanie Prussin


Stephanie Prussin
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY 

Title: Transmission/Reception (3:07pm – 5:07pm)
Year: 2011 
Size: 20 inches x 24 inches
Edition size: 5 and 2 APs
Medium: Chromogenic Color Print

Stephanie Prussin is an artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.  She was born in San Francisco, California, and received an MFA from Columbia University, New York, and a BA from University of California, Santa Cruz.  She utilizes the basic elements of photography – time and light - to question the expectation of photography as a depiction of the real.  Her work has been exhibited in California and New York.  She is the co-founder of Radiant Labs, a communal color and black-and-white darkroom in Long Island City, New York.  

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